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    Prelude (Part 2, Chapter 1)


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    Prelude (Part 2, Chapter 1)

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    First part of 'I rebel — therefore we exist'

    Chapter 1: Rebirth

    As I was there in the beginning, so shall I be there in your end.

    Only through submitting to the holy flames of God shall we see another dawn.

    You are my lambs. As I’m your shepherd, I’ll watch you, I’ll carry you and I’ll see you through the coming night.

    Know that I have returned, just as the Holy Ghost, I’m offering absolution for us of the blood.

    You heard the cries from Rome, from Constantinople, you heard I was dead. But no, that is not true.

    As my sacrifice gave me salvation so will your sacrifice make you glimpse heaven.

    We will shroud ourselves in faith and we will burn. Our bodies will be ash, but it’s only then that we may truly come alive and rise from our physical prisons.

    Heed my words and flock to me, I will guide you in these desperate times.

    They say I guarded the sanctum of Eden, that I stood vigilant at the Pearly Gates, that I alone watched the flames of empyrean. Know this to be true.

    For I’m the Archangel Michael, Patriarch of the Faithful and I have been Reborn.


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